Web Design & Development

At Numana, our goal is to build our clients a professional, highly functional and operational website that captures the client’s digital marketing objectives. It is important that your objectives are met, so that your brand is well represented. One of the most common mistakes made when developing a site for your business, is the lack of optimizing a site to perform well on search engines.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to build the client a fast, mobile-first website that is well organized and aesthetically designed to generate more business and sell products and/or services, using our digital marketing strategies.

Our Tools of the Trade

We use WordPress, as it is the leading CMS (Content Management System), powering over 25% of the world’s websites. One of the reasons WordPress has become so popular among its users is due to the many options available for customization, including software called plugins which can be useful to do anything from optimize site performance, offer a higher rate of security, and allow you to get your SEO campaign off to the best start possible. In other words, WordPress has become the #1 CMS on the market because it’s highly customizable for each user’s needs.

Web Hosting

At Numana we use a Cloud Hosting Service for our website. Due to the security, speed, reliability, and reasonable price, we choose to offer this same service for our clients. The best part about it? Instead of you having to take charge of the Cloud Server like you normally would if you purchased one yourself (e.g. AWS, Google, Digital Ocean, Etc.), we manage and monitor everything that goes on with your website, front to back. There’s rarely a problem we don’t notice first, which is key. How is your site supposed to convert if it’s down?

Our Process

At our initial meeting, we discuss the client’s digital marketing objectives to ensure your priorities are met. This is your time to pitch your business, and help us understand what makes your business unique.

Our Package Includes:

  • Fast, Mobile-First Website
  • Built-In World Class SEO to Reach More of Your Target Audience
  • Strategic Consulting to Scope Your Project
  • Professionally Designed Website to Build Credibility and Trust
  • Leading Content Management System to Grow Your Site
  • Modern Bells and Whistles (Sliders, Galleries, Widgets)
  • Super Fast Website Hosting for Happy Customers
  • Daily Backup, Maintenance and Security, So No Headaches

Customized Sites

We can even build custom sites tailored to your exact requirements. This is especially useful for those clients with a unique niche that want a specific type of design to increase conversion for their particular industry.

Free Consultation

Contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!