Staff Training Development

Staff Training Development

Your team will make or break your business. Most business owners are well aware of this fact, yet we find that time and again many businesses have significant blind spots when it comes how they perceive their team.

Depending on whose data you read, it is well accepted that it costs over $600 to acquire a new customer for your average business. Imagine the financial impact if your team does a poor job of answering the phones, if they improperly greet people when they enter your business, or if they act in any way unprofessional at any time which leaves a customer feeling unappreciated.

Don't underestimate the value of your brand.

Your brand is the most valuable thing you own within your business. Your name, your ties to your community, and your track record will earn far more money over time than any short-term activity you can embark upon.

Do not ever compromise your name for anything. No financial gain is worth a hit to your brand. As they say, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only one second to destroy it.

Look to the best companies to learn how what you need to do.

Take a look at companies like Costco, Nordstrom, and Disney. What do they have in common?

These companies are known for having premium products while providing exceptional customer service and guaranteeing total satisfaction to their customers. In their respective industries, you simply cannot beat these companies at what they do, and it’s important to understand that all three adhere to an unrelenting devotion to providing an exceptional customer experience at every single touch point.

But how do they do it?

Omni-Channel Marketing

The concept of omni-channel marketing is simple: ensure that your customers have an exceptional experience no matter where, or how, they experience your brand.

This concept is a step beyond multi-channel marketing. It’s not just about having your brand on multiple channels, it’s about ensuring that you manage the customer experience to create consistency regardless of which channel they choose to engage.

No one does this better than Disney. They are masters of ensuring that no matter how you experience their brand (by phone, website, social media, etc.) that you will have an exceptional experience that is both consistent and easy to use.

Disney’s customers will most often exclaim, “they thought of everything!”

An important part of your omni-channel marketing strategy is to ensure that your team is part of it.

Contact us if you want our help to build your omni-channel marketing campaign.

How do you identify where your team may need help?

Many businesses often believe they are either without any challenges within their team or that their challenges aren’t impacting their bottom line. While your company may survive without worrying about staff training and development, it is unlikely you will thrive and lead your industry.

Companies who focus on developing their brand and employees will outperform those who don’t.

Are you developing your staff on an ongoing basis? Is your staff training and development tied into your overall marketing strategy?

Take Our Self Assessment:

It is imperative for any business to routinely assess all aspects of their team and their performance. Routine employee assessment and engagement is essential to optimizing your business.

Consider these questions below to assess yourself.

Is your brand consistent on every single one of your marketing materials?

  • Do you have a brand standard guide?
  • Do you have more than one logo in use?
  • Do you use the same fonts consistently in your marketing materials?
  • Do you use consistent imagery?
  • Is your copy written in a consistent voice?

Does your team truly understand your business?

  • Do they know your story?
  • Do they know about all of your services?
  • Have they been trained on how to speak to your customers?
  • Does everyone on your team live your company values?
    • Does your company have established values that everyone has to live by?
  • Does your team have a uniform appearance?

Does your place of business represent your company properly?

  • Do you have appropriate signage outside of your building?
  • Is your parking lot clean?
  • Is your building clean?
  • Do you have music or a television playing at an appropriate volume?
    • If so, are you playing the appropriate type of content for your customers?
  • Are you utilizing your place of business to market your services internally?
  • Are your bathrooms clean?
  • Are you promoting any other businesses within your business?

How well does your team perform on the phones?

  • Do they greet customers appropriately?
  • Do they ask for permission to place someone on hold?
  • Are they kind and helpful?
  • Do they wait for permission to terminate a call?

How well does your competition perform on the phones?

  • Do they greet customers appropriately?
  • Do they ask for permission to place someone on hold?
  • Are they kind and helpful?
  • Do they wait for permission to terminate a call?

How does your staff appear to your customers?

  • Do you have uniforms or a dress code?
  • Does your team exercise good personal hygiene?
  • Does your team make eye contact with customers?
  • Does your team behave appropriately at all times in front of your customers?
  • Are your work areas clean?

What do your online reviews look like?

  • Do you regularly monitor your online reviews?
  • Are you aware of all the channels where you are being reviewed?
  • Is your team actively asking your customers to leave online reviews?

How often do you get compliments or complaints about your team?

  • Are you getting feedback on your team?
  • Do you share that feedback with your team?

How well are you engaging your employees?

  • Do you offer employee reviews?
  • Do you survey your employees to gain insight from their perspective?
  • Do you know your employee attrition rate?
  • Do you know your retention rate?
  • Do you have any toxic employees?
  • Do you have any employees at risk of leaving?
  • How many of your employees do you expect to remain long term?

These questions should help you take a look at your business and better understand where you have areas of opportunity. If you think you need help, we can provide you with a deeper assessment to better understand where you are today, and where you need to be tomorrow.