Reputation Management

An cartoon image depicting a five star review

Reputation Management

An cartoon image depicting a five star review

Your reputation matters. It takes a lifetime to build up your name, and only one second to destroy it. The first step to properly managing your reputation is to understand what you need to manage and why it matters.

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Online Reviews

Consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from a friend or family member. This means that your online reviews can make or break your business.

Think about it. When you look up a restaurant, you likely scroll past any places that have a low user rating. Whether you own a retail store or a medical practice, you must work to get as many positive reviews as possible. 

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Internal Protocols

Your reputation management truly begins on your phones, and then inside your business. Your entire team must be trained to understand the importance of customer perceptions, and how to manage them at all times.

Whether you utilize a software solution or choose a manual approach, you need to to have a uniform plan to ensure that everyone on your team knows how to manage your reputation at all times. 

Online Business Directory Listing Management

If you’re looking to increase your online presence across a variety of outlets, you need to run an online PR campaign. By showing up in more places–especially websites you don’t own or control–you will position yourself as an important figure within your industry.

Reasons why you may want to invest in online PR:

  • You’re trying to become an influencer
  • You want to position yourself as an expert in your market

Here are some examples of websites where you may want to gain exposure:

  • Industry-specific websites
  • Blogs
  • Mommy Blogs
  • Local news outlets
  • Authority websites (Example: Huffington Post, Forbes)

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Damage Control

If you find some negative press about yourself or your business, what can you do? Sometimes you can petition to have it removed, but that won’t likely work. You will need to run a campaign to suppress any negative information with positive information. This can be complex, and it will definitely take time. But it can be done.

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