Photo & Video Creation

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Photo & Video Creation

A cartoon image depicting digital media icons

Photo and video content are an essential part of any marketing strategy in today’s competitive market. Your customers care about how you look. Your image matters.

Professional Photography & Video Services

Diy Consulting

Let us train your team on which equipment to buy, how to use it, and how to manage your file and release your forms.

Done with You

Our team will come to you to help setup your equipment and train your team how to use it. We will also help you manage your files and release forms.

Done for You

We will come to your practice to facilitate everything for you, and we will help you manage your files and release forms.

If you have outdated photos and videos–or worse yet, none at all–then you are putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

The good news is that you can create quality photos and video at most levels of budget. You simply need to determine what you need to be competitive in your market. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining which kind of content to create for your business:

  • Which type of video best supports my brand? (eg, Nike and Apple are expected to produce higher-end photos and videos than a small business with a local presence.)
  • Do you need to highlight your office location?
  • Is it possible to have customers provide testimonials?
  • Have you created live videos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

Own Your Photos & Videos

Having photos and videos taken of you is one thing, but do you own all rights to the footage? Often, the answer is “no.”

When you hire someone to take photos or video for you, the only reason they would want to keep the copyrights for themselves is to try to charge each time you want to use your own files. This doesn’t make sense. If you hire someone to come out and take your photos, or videos, you should own the source files.

Are you unsure if you own your own files? Take our quiz: Who owns your marketing?

Are you looking for a team who can provide high-quality photos and video for your business? We not only have the technical skills, but our friendly approach ensures that you will look your best at all times. 

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