Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google penalizes websites who have utilized unethical tactics (often referred to as “grey hat,” or “black hat” tactics).

If you have suddenly disappeared from Google searches, or if you have received a warning in Google Search Console, your website may have been hit with a penalty.

What is a penalty?

Google may impose a penalty on a website if the domain has engaged in questionable tactics within their digital marketing campaign. These tactics are often referred to as “grey hat,” or “black hat,” and they are aimed at cheating the system.

What are Google penalty recovery services?

Google’s penalties can have a devastating effect on a business. Penalty recovery services will employ the expertise of SEO experts who understand how to audit your website, your backlink profiles, and various other aspects of your online presence to ensure that only clean signals are picked up by Google’s algorithm in connection to your domain.

Our Google penalty recovery services will also handle your reconsideration request to Google, calls to Google’s support teams, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance until the penalty has been removed the damage repaired.

This process will take several months.

What if an agency did the work for me?

Regardless of who does the work, you’re responsible for what happens on your domain. If an agency uses unethical tactics on your behalf, the only recourse is to repair the damage and follow the rules going forward.

How can you tell if you need Google Penalty Recovery Services?

If you think you may be facing a penalty, begin by going to Google Search Console to see if you have any notifications or messages.

In truth, penalties can be imposed without any notification. If there are no notifications in Google Search Console, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve not been penalized.

The telltale sign of a penalty is a sudden drop off in rankings or search traffic. You may find that your business is nowhere to be found in search results, and it may have happened abruptly.

You may have been hit with a penalty if you’re experiencing the following:

  • A sudden drop in site-wide or section-wide organic traffic.
  • A sudden drop in ranking for a specific keyword(s) or groups of keywords including organic search results and Google map listings.

If you suspect a penalty has been imposed, and there is no other explanation for the loss of rankings and traffic, you must take action promptly.

It would be advisable to have an SEO expert audit your domain to ensure everything is in place. Be assured that these issues will not correct themselves. You must take action to correct a penalty.

Google Penguin Recovery Services

Penalties related to Google Penguin used to account for the majority of penalties imposed by Google. Often times, these penalties were imposed due to efforts made to game the system. You would find a large number of “unnatural” or low-quality links linking back to a domain.

These spammy links could easily be identified because they came from websites with no real user engagement. They were sites built solely to provide links to other websites.

At the point where you’d identify the spammy links, you would need to audit your link profile and work to disavow and/or remove any the links pointed to your domain.

Today, Google has clearly stated they no longer penalize for these links designed to game the system. They simply devalue them, so if someone continues to make these attempts to cheat, it will be in vain.

In other words, if you hire the wrong company, and they use poor quality tactics to develop your campaign, you are quite literally wasting your money.

But, is it worth it to clean up your link profile?

Ideally, yes. While Google isn’t actively penalizing sites for spammy links, we always recommend running a clean campaign to ensure that nothing goes wrong today, nor with future algorithm updates.

Keep in mind that whether or not you’re facing a penalty, shoddy SEO work will take time to repair and to get back on track.

Google Panda Recovery Services

Google Panda penalties focus on websites that provide an exceptionally bad user experience. We’ve all seen these sites where they offer poor quality content or use various tactics to try and force clicks or engagements in a way that is inethical.

The only way to recover from a Google Panda penalty is to completely upgrade the user experience on your website.

If you had to boil it down, Google’s singular focus is to provide an exceptional user experience. If users come to Google and find high-quality search results that get them what they need, they will continue to use Google’s search engine. On the flip side, if people continuously find poor quality search results, they will look to alternative options like Bing or Duck Duck Go.

Much like the process with recovering from a Google Penguin penalty, once we address the core issue, we work to repair your website, interface with Google on your behalf, and continuously monitor your progress until you’ve fully recovered from the penalty.

Case Study

A large medical practice got penalized in one of its primary locations due to some poor quality work conducted by their previous agency.

While working with our Google account representative, we were able to learn why this location had been penalized. In an attempt to gain more rankings, the clinic launched a second brand that included the same locations and the same doctors.

According to Google’s rules, this is not allowed.

This was frustrating for this medical practice because they truly offered multiple specialties within their practice, and Google has time and again shown they do not handle multi-specialty practices well when delivering meaningful search results.

Thus, this was not a malicious attempt by the client and their previous agency. It was just ill-advised if you understand the rules.

The solution was to follow the rules:

  • Delete duplicate Google My Business (Google Maps) accounts for the same business, including variations on the name (Example: Sample Sinus Center, or Sample Hearing Center, which are part of an ENT practice).
  • Update the website to build signals within the site to create the desired online presence.
  • Audit every page on the site to ensure full compliance.
  • Audit and clean up our link profile.
  • Work with our Google representative to ensure that our work was meeting their requirements.
  • Submit a formal reconsideration request.
  • Once approved, resubmit sitemap.
  • Monitor rankings and traffic improvements.

The final result was that we reclaimed their dominance in that market within eight months of launching our recovery services.

Do You Need Help Recovering from a Penalty?

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