Your content will be one of the first experiences many people have with your brand. If you say the wrong thing–or, if you don’t say enough–you will likely lose an opportunity to engage with someone who is looking for the solutions you provide.

People want to get a sense of who you are and what your business is about. They want to know they’re making a strong decision, and that the business they choose reflects their values.

Therefore, by providing exceptional content you will give the potential customer confidence that you’re a sound business with the right solutions to meet their needs.

Most importantly, in the age of the internet, you must have high-quality content in order to rank on search engines.

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How to Create Exceptional Content

Writing copy that is simple and easy to read is often very complex. It requires a sense of style along with strong grammatical abilities, and a general understanding of storytelling.

When you write copy for your business, think of how you would explain something to a friend who was not an expert in your field.

For example:

“Hey, Brian, you should check out Los Dos Patrillos because they have the best Mexican food in Denver.”

If you remove the words, “Hey, Brian, you should” from that sentence, then you are left with a simple sentence that explains what the reader needs to know:

“Check out Los Dos Patrillos because they have the best Mexican food in Denver.”

This simple sentence also incorporates two important keywords if you’re a Mexican restaurant in Denver: “Mexican Restaurant” and “Denver.”

This simplistic example exemplifies the tone you want to capture in your copywriting when focused on marketing.

Consider these tips when developing your own content:

Evaluate your competition to learn what's working.

By looking at which content is already performing online, you will be able to save yourself some trial and error. There is much to learn from studying your competition.

Start by conducting a Google search for the topic you want to address, and see who ranks in the top positions for those search terms.

By evaluating their content, you can determine what you need to do with your own content. And you should try to make your content better than the competitions.

Create an outline on the topic for which you're writing content.

Before you start writing, create a simple outline to guide you as you create your story. Begin with an introduction and a conclusion to create starting and end points.

Then, create a bullet point list of the steps it will take to get from the intro to the conclusion.

Finally, go through each step and write your content piece by piece.

Write in a conversational tone catered to the layman.

Too often, people write their marketing content the same way they’d write a paper one school. But your marketing should actually mimic how you’d speak to a friend when telling them about a service or product.

Just like when you’re speaking, follow these simple rules:

  • Get to the point, and don’t carry on too much.
  • Be concise, yet thorough.
  • Avoid cheesey or gimmicky phrases.
  • Assume the person reading has no experience with the subject matter.
    • Don’t use industry jargon whenever possible.
    • Don’t leave out details that might not be obvious to people outside of your industry.

Also take note of how much content us provided on a subject. There is not a magic number, but we often find that you need more than 1,200 words to be competitive in online rankings, and since Google is entirely focused on the user experience, it’s fair to assume that’s what your readers want.

Source Your Information

Not only is it ethical to source your information, but it is also good for your digital marketing to reference your work by using anchor text in your content.

Anchor text is utilized by linking keywords or portions of a sentence to link to other web pages either within or outside of your website. If you properly use anchor text on your website, it will actually help Google better assess your content, and it will support better search engine optimization.

More Content isn't Necessarily Better

While it is important to have rich content on your site, there is a point where more content simply won’t be beneficial.

In today’s digital world, it’s all about quality.

We find many that websites have too much content.

What does it mean to have too much content?

If you have pages that get no traffic, or the traffic it does get fails to engage users, then you need to either improve upon or get rid of it.

Sometimes, there is just too much content overall, even though it’s of good quality. If this is the case, you need to scale down your content to a quantity that will actually get people to read it.

Finding that balance will not only benefit your digital marketing efforts, but it will save time and resources. Gone are the days where you simply want to post a flat number of blogs each week or month. Your resources are better utilized in other activities within your marketing.

Consider your time.

Whether you write your own content, or you hire it out, consider your time investment into content development.

If you write your own content, make sure you’re a capable writer. Poor-quality content will indeed cost you more than the cost of hiring a good copywriter.

If you decide to outsource your copywriting, don’t hire a company who can’t provide examples of their work which demonstrates an ability to meet your needs.

The most common complaint from business leaders regarding content development is that they have a hard time finding content writers who understand their business and their brand. In the end, they have to heavily edit the content, or they abandon it altogether.

You should have a good working relationship with your content writer. Quick response times and overall strong communication will make all the difference.

Our Process

We excel at developing content that performs because our process is tested and proven in real business settings.

Our team has proven themselves in the real world.

Not only have we produced high-performing content for clients, but we’ve done it for ourselves in numerous publications both individually and within our own agency.

But the real difference is that we treat our clients’ content with the same level of care that we handle our own.

We don’t cut corners.

The truth is that writing great content is extremely difficult to do time and again.

Our process has multiple stages of review to ensure your content is grammatically correct, and then to make sure it will perform in your marketing campaigns.

After we approve it, then we send it to your team for review.

If you’re not happy, we work on it until the job is done properly.

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