What is branding?

In today’s market, branding has four major components:

  1. It defines the business name, slogan, sign, symbol or design to identify products or services of a company.
  2. It differentiates the goods and/or services from the competition.
  3. It leaves an impression on customers when they hear or think of your company name, product or service.     
  4. It evolves over time based on customer behavior.

What is the purpose of branding?

The purpose of branding is to trigger a psychological response from the consumer–tying an emotion, belief or attitude to your product or service–leaving the consumer with positive customer experience and impression and pushing them to choose your brand over your competition’s.  

The ultimate goal is using branding to create a positive customer experience from start to finish, giving the consumer a reason to buy, and a reason to remain a loyal customer.

How do you determine your branding objectives?

The key to establishing your brand is having clarity about what you want your business to represent and what direction you want to take.

In developing your objectives, ask yourself these questions?

  • What does your business/product do?
  • What problem do you solve for your customers?
  • Who are your 3 main competitors (direct or indirect)?
  • What do you like and dislike about your competitors’ brand identity?  What would you do differently?
  • What makes you stand out (background, product or service) above your competitors?
  • Why should your prospects buy from you or engage with you?
  • Is there a unique story behind your business, business name or logo?

And ask yourself if your branding objectives achieve these goals:

  • Delivers your Message Clearly
  • Confirms Your Credibility
  • Connects Your Target Prospects with Your Product and/or Service
  • Motivates the Buyer to Buy
  • Creates User Loyalty

Can we help you reach  your goals?

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How do you create your own brand?

Once you have identified your branding objectives, you need to begin creating your own brand.  Follow these steps to ensure you cover everything.

  • Research Your Target Audience and Your Competitors
  • Stay Attuned to Your Focus and Personality
  • Choose Your Business Name
  • Write Your Brand Message
  • Establish Your Voice for Branding
  • Create Brand Standards for Marketing Materials
  • Use Clear Language, Logos, and Imagery
  • Design Templates
  • Write Your Slogan
  • Develop a Tagline
  • Design Your Logo
  • Be Consistent with Design (Style, Colors, Font)
  • Integrate your Brand
  • Police Your Brand’s Usage
  • Be True to Your Brand

Is branding important?

Good branding is important, because it increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring a new customer easier.

When branding is done well, it influences customer perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising and logo, and ultimately helps establish a client base where the customers see you as a sole provider of a solution to their problem or need.

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